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Decriminalise Suicide Worldwide is a global campaign and country platform by Lifeline International, working across 52 countries – 25 where suicide remains a crime, and 27 where the status of legal frameworks regarding attempted suicide remains unclear. If you care deeply, you can act meaningfully, with us.
A platform that empowers a global movement for change

In countries where a movement has been established, we accelerate you with:

  • A framework and guided process for systemic change
  • Per country microsites with activities, community, progress data and documents
  • Best practices with lessons learned
  • Assets that provide methodologies and insight
  • A digital platform to aggregate data across all countries to show global impact

Alone Together

You pledge your time and skillset and we provide the guides and resources to assist with national decriminalization programs. Together we’ll be able to make a difference. If you are a changemaker for this cause, and wish to collaborate, get in touch.

Criminalised Supported

In each of these countries there is a possible journey of change. The complexities of legal codes and how bills are changed means this is not a linear process, but one of many small steps. We are tracking and measuring the progress, with the help of country representatives.

Powerless Empowered

At the core of a successful movement is a global knowledge and evidence base. This has the most important global resources collated and linked to all in one place. It provides the most relevant understanding of the issues, for the community to learn from and act upon.

A global campaign

Decriminalise Suicide Worldwide includes a global campaign, gathering stories from those who have been affected by these inhumane laws. The global movement aims to eradicate stigma and offer hope and crisis support to those who need it most.

“It is so unfair. (The law) targets attempted suicide. Victims of this condition are simply calling for help. They should not be punished for it.”
Professor Osei, former head of the Mental Health Authority of Ghana